Reluctant Saint, the life of Francis of Assisi by Donald Spoto

Back story:

Starting around the time of the Japanese earthquake & tsunami I frequently found myself feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of suffering due to natural disasters – flooding in New Zealand and droughts in Australia in addition to the Japanese disasters.  I wanted so much to do something, but felt any gesture on my part would be such a tiny drop in the bucket of needs that it hardly seemed worth doing.  And then one day as I was going through these feelings of discouragement and sadness a line popped into my head “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.”  I knew it was a line from a prayer I’d heard in church back in my childhood, but didn’t know what prayer or how the rest of it went.  But I would say that first line whenever I was feeling powerless and overwhelmed. I mentioned this to a friend who immediate said, “you know what prayer that comes from”.  I had to say “no, I don’t?”  He then told me it was the prayer of Saint Francis and emailed me a link to the full prayer.  He also told me that Saint Francis had been something of a Christian Shaman – all I knew about him was being the patron saint of animals.  So I decided I should heed the message and learn more about Saint Francis.

I must say this book is exceptionally well written and relates a fascinating story – I found it hard to put down.  The author really gives you a feeling for the time that St. Francis lived in, as well as showing how Francis’ character was shaped as a young man.  I learned so much about the Middle Ages and the Crusades and how they influenced St Francis.  Whatever your religious beliefs, this man truly was saintly and I found great inspiration in reading his personal history.


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I'm just a gal who wants her life to "speak for itself" and in the end say I lived it well and without regrets. I truly want to be a kind, gentle, compassionate and loving person, though I frequently fall far short of this ideal.
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